December 17, 2019

Keiko Murase Starting in 2020, Keiko Murase will anchor MSC operational strategy and leadership across the finance, human resources, information and technology, compliance, risk management, facilities, and fiscal sponsorship departments. Keiko brings deep experience in strategy and business development, sustainable growth management, and operational leadership — having served as Director of Operations at Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation; Director of Global Operations at Bare Essentials; and as an operations and strategy consultant for large companies. Keiko joins MSC with her strong belief that social movements must be led by those who are most directly affected by an issue.

Over the past 20+ years, Keiko has played the role of strategic partner to executives of rapidly growing organizations in order to help them envision their strategic goals, formulate plans, and execute strategic initiatives to bring their visions to life. Keiko has provided leadership to organizations to accomplish rapid and sustainable growth, and also to achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency. She has experience identifying organizational improvement opportunities through analysis of existing practices (including processes and IT capabilities), creating business and financial plans, conducting financial analysis to test the feasibility of the plans, and bringing key stakeholders together to execute such plans. Keiko is experienced in the role of a change agent, bringing cross-functional teams together to build alignment around the organization’s vision.

Keiko holds a Master of Business Administration from Dartmouth College and a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Keiko is fluent in Japanese and conversational in Spanish.

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