January 11, 2012

Jovida Ross Jovida brought over 15 years of leadership experience with grassroots, community-based organizations to her work as the former Director of Programs at Movement Strategy Center. As part of MSC’s Leadership Team, Jovida helped launch the Transitions Initiative, MSC’s multi-movement initiative to bring movement leaders and emerging leaders together to build multi-systems social change, grounded in relationships and personal transformation. Prior to that, Jovida supported a number of organizations in bridging essential direct services with proactive social change strategies, particularly in the LGBTQ, anti-violence and reproductive justice movements. As the Executive Director of Community United Against Violence (CUAV), Jovida led the organization through a transformative process that engaged a full range of stakeholders in re-visioning how to move towards a safe, resilient world where everyone can thrive. Jovida has also been deeply influenced by the work at the intersections of gender justice, economic justice, and migration at The Women’s Building of San Francisco, where she spent a cumulative nine years serving as the Associate Director and then a member of the Board of Directors.

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