December 17, 2019

Jennifer Macias Jennifer Macias joins MSC with a focus on strategic and operational leadership of MSC’s financial management and systems design. Jennifer brings many years of experience in finance, accounting, and organizational administration, including in senior leadership positions at the United Way of California, Capital Region, as COO/CFO; Community Farmers Alliance, as Director of Finance and Operations; and St. John’s Program for Real Change, as Director of Finance and Operations.

Jennifer grew up loving math and numbers because of the simplicity. A numbers geek to the core, she took a chance in her early 20’s and prepared a budget while working for the Multicultural Action Team at UC Berkeley and found her calling in finance. Self taught, she moved progressively through more challenging positions in private and nonprofit businesses. She brings 30+ years of experience in Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and IT management. Jennifer’s extensive experience is further enhanced by the dedication, innovation, resourcefulness, incredible attention to detail, and a strong sense of ethics.

Throughout her tenure, she continually developed and honed her skills through close work with mentors and other professionals. She has experience in nonprofit management, including daily operations, restricted revenue, standard financial reporting, bank and grantor negotiation, accounting and operating systems, annual budgets, annual audits, team management, vendor negotiation and cost savings, contract and proposal management, grant reporting, and asset management.

A large part of Jennifer’s career has been spent working for nonprofits and working for organizations that are focused on helping people and the planet. As the minority child of a single mother, and a single mother herself, she has seen and personally felt the lack of equity and inclusiveness. Her passion to work for organizations that make a difference in the community eventually lead her to MSC and her current position as Senior Director of Finance & Operations.

A strong believer in the power of community, Jennifer believes that our communities are successful when the community is vested in change and drives the way change happens.

Jennifer was raised in Fremont, CA and currently resides in Davis, CA. She is four parts mom, four parts grandmother and one part wife. In her free time, she maneuvers her paddle board in heavy winds and can usually be found cooking and/or eating with friends and family.

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