September 24, 2014

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin For over a decade, Ibrahim has been a passionate voice for the planet and its people. His career has spanned the public, private, and civic sectors. He is a consultant with The Frontier Project and pushes innovation and sustainability with his clients. He is also the author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet and a contributor to All-American: 45 American Men On Being Muslim. Ibrahim is a former sustainability policy advisor to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a former Outward Bound instructor.

In 2002 he helped found the Brooklyn Academy for Science and the Environment and in 2004 he blended youth organizing and technology while at the Movement Strategy Center in Oakland, CA. For ten years Ibrahim has blogged as the Brooklyn Bedouin and has appeared on FOX News, ABC News’ “This Week,” the Brian Lehrer Show and on WNYC’s nationally syndicated show The Takeaway. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post,, The Daily Beast, and GOOD Magazine.

In 2013 Ibrahim was honored by NBC’s as one of 100 African Americans Making History Today. He is a regular contributor for and Thought Catalog. He lives in Brooklyn, NYC with his wife, Fatima and two sons, Ismael and Yousuf.

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