June 25, 2014

Genaro Lopez Rendon Genaro Lopez Rendon is a third generation Chicano born and raised in Texas with 20 years in the environmental and economic justice movement, organizing on issues such as environmental justice, workers’ rights, economic equity, and building power for and with poor black and brown families from the local to international arena. For 15 years his home base has been Southwest Workers Union (SWU) and for the past eight years he has served as Director of SWU and its sister organization, Centro por la Justicia.  Genaro has worked closely with several important political networks.  He is a founding member of the South by Southwest Experiment, a partnership across New Mexico, Mississippi, and Texas, creating meaningful, practice-oriented spaces for healing and reconciliation among people of color, primarily among African-Americans and Latinos.  He has also served on numerous boards including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Gulf Coast Fund, and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. 

Genaro was a 2013 Alston Bannerman Fellow in recognition of his long-term commitment to community organizing as an activist of color.  In 2014, Genaro became a Fellow with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s inaugural Community Leadership Network.  He joins the Movement Strategy Center as a Senior Associate, building on work related to developing strong local economies and the pathways for communities to thrive in the 21st century.  He is currently en route to California with his daughter and partner.

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