December 12, 2019

Eli Isaacs Eli Isaacs was born in the Bay Area but has lived in Los Angeles, London, New Orleans, and Flagstaff before settling back in the bay. His most recent work was at Reem’s California serving up delicious man’oushe to the community both at Farmer’s Markets and a brick and mortar bakery in Fruitvale. Before that he was a social worker for 8 years mainly working with unhoused populations. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his toddler or playing soccer with Left Wing Futbol Club, which was founded in Oakland in 2003 by a group of lefties and activists who wanted to stay in shape in order to run from the cops. A fun fact about Eli is that he won 3rd place in a national yo-yo championship when he was 8 years old. Unfortunately he did not retain any of those skills.

Photo: Megan Zapanta

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