December 23, 2015

Beth Teper Beth Teper — a San Francisco native, with New York/Ashkenazi Jewish roots, who was raised by her lesbian-eco-feminist-teacher-lawyer mother — can’t help but be dedicated to social, racial, economic and environmental justice.

Having worked on a wide range of interconnected issues over the past 30+ years (including women’s rights and reproductive health, an end to US military action and occupation, LGBTQ liberation and environmental sustainability), Beth brings a strong background in and passion for building relationships, visibility and political power among, with and for youth, families, communities and movements.

Beth currently free-lances as a collaborator, connector, coach and consultant based in Oakland, CA. You may encounter Beth working behind the scenes to build healthy and resilient communities and cities with the Movement Strategy Center, Merritt College Environmental Management & Technology Program, and other agencies, funders, organizations, alliances and coalitions. Beth also enjoys leading cultural-values-based environmental education programs with and for students/youth, friends, family and other naturalists/nature lovers.

Prior to consulting, Beth was the Executive Director of COLAGE: the national network of people with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents for nearly a decade.

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