October 1, 2019

Attica Georges Attica Georges brings accounting leadership experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, with a user experience lens informed by customer service and events production orientation. Her focus is to streamline and improve MSC’s resource stewardship policies, procedures, controls, and reporting systems.

Attica has almost two decades in accounting, and decided to switch from the corporate sector to the nonprofit sector, bringing her skills and experience to support work in line with her values. Her mother, a former Black Panther, instilled in her the values of social justice and people power at an early age. Building on her Accounting and Finance degree, she completed a certificate program in Nonprofit Management at her alma mater, CSU East Bay, in 2018. A people person, she has also worked in customer service and event hosting. She is excited and grateful to serve the Movement Strategy Center family.

Attica is an engaged community member in her hometown of Oakland, California. A self-described “information junkie”, Attica enjoys learning new things, meeting new people, questioning conventional wisdom, discussing ideas, and traveling. Humor, good music, beauty, truth, spirituality, and connection are among her daily pursuits.

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