November 26, 2019

Anya de Marie

Anya de Marie has worked locally, nationally and internationally since 1999 in organizations, schools, collaboratives and movements addressing violence, cultural change and the need for new models. She’s been an External Affairs Strategist for IANGEL and a Technical Trainer for MISSSEY, where she previously served as Director of Operations. She leads trainings on csec (commercial sexual exploitation of children) to City of Oakland staff including Oakland Police and Fire Departments via a collaboration with Alameda County DA’s office and WestCoast. Previously Anya served as Project Manager at Courage to Resist, providing fiscal oversight and organizing support campaigns for conscientious objectors and whistleblowers, such as Chelsea Manning.
As previous faculty in a master’s program centered on transformative embodied education, Anya taught courses in psychology, arts, activism and cultural theory and went on to co-found the Commonality Institute in 2017. She produces and dances in Oakland Flamenco Sessions, a performance series that nurtures community, access and artistry. With family roots in the area of Houston, TX, Anya is both city and country. She’s currently researching and writing Potato Candy, a book about her family’s Texan Wendish heritage, cultural assimilations, memory, and textiles.

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