December 17, 2019

Aisha ShillingfordAisha Shillingford brings creative practice and leadership cultivating collaborative design thinking processes within the Transitions ecosystem — to design systems, environments and programs that unleash imagination and generate transformative leaps across networks, programs, and teams.

Aisha was born in Trinidad & Tobago and was raised in the hills of Port of Spain by her artist/actress/director mother and her economist/professor/consultant father. She considers herself Caribbean and Afro-Diasporic and believes in the power of small places to effect enormous change. She is an artist, organizer, cultural strategist, searcher, and dreamer. Aisha is a commitment to spiritual, cultural and social transformation…

From isolation to interdependence
From exploitation to love
From disconnection to community
From extraction to regeneration
From competition to collaboration
From exclusive ownership to the commons

Aisha has earned a BA in Environmental Analysis and Policy, a Masters of Social Work with a focus on Community Organizing, and a Masters of Business Administration with a focus on Innovation, Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining MSC, Aisha was a Senior Associate at the Interaction Institute for Social Change facilitating collaborative capacity building and racial equity change processes with social change organizations and networks. Before that she was the Director of Racial & Economic Justice at the New Economy Coalition and the Program Director/Lead Organizer at Close To Home Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative and the Muslim American Society Boston Chapter. Aisha has also worked as an independent organizational development and business strategy consultant with cooperative enterprises. As a member of the Intelligent Mischief collective she works to unleash black imagination to shape the future by using art, narrative and design thinking processes and developing artistic & pop culture interventions.

Aisha’s constant yearning is to be in beloved community with people who want to create a world that loves us the way we love each other. She is trying to re-establish her art practice, get back on her bike(s), and maintain a daily meditation practice. She loves cooking, cultivating her indoor garden and collecting vintage clothing and household items. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her partner Terry.

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