April 2, 2015

Adrienne Bloch Adrienne Bloch is a climate consultant specializing in strategy, law, and policy. She collaborates with organizations, cross-sector alliances, agencies, and foundations to support the transition toward thriving resilient communities, ecological economies, and a renewable energy future. Adrienne provides strategy, law, and policy expertise; field scanning analysis; targeted research; writing and editing support. She is dedicated to a whole systems approach to comprehensive systems change toward a healthy future.

Adrienne has been working for social change since 1995, and since 2003, has specifically worked with organizers, scientists, alliances, and agencies alongside and on behalf of low-income communities and communities of color, to develop law and policy to improve quality of life, health, and the environment. She has devised winning litigation and political strategy, bringing numerous cutting edge lawsuits to improve human health and the environment. She has also acted as a supervisor, in-house counsel, and as an organizational leader in managing strategic and administrative operations.

Adrienne is led to this work by a life-long passion for our connection to the natural environment and commitment to social justice. She believes that the threat and opportunities of climate change compel us to discover connection, balance, and a new way of being with one another, nature, and the earth. This process requires personal transformation as well as innovation, cooperation, and creativity in renewable local energy, local and trans-local infrastructure, economic justice, food security, and storytelling.

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