July 18, 2019

Transitions Network Gathering

by Movement Strategy Center © 2019

In February 2019, MSC invited Transitions Initiative Community members from all over the country to co-create and advance transformative experiments that would catalyze collective strategy for deep & broad impact over the next three years. Together we asked: “If we are serious about the Transitions Inquiry [how to transition from a world of domination and extraction to one of regeneration and resilience], then let’s go big! What must our collective work might that look like in the next three years and beyond?” This Transitions Network Gathering took place on February 11-15, 2019 with 50 movement leaders from across the country coming together at the Tamaya (Santa Ana) Pueblo, New Mexico. Core to the Transitions Initiative is the centering of systems and culture change leaders whose history and present day experiences with race, gender and economic oppression offer insights and practices necessary for the future of the world.

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