#DefundThePolice: 10 Days of Articles to Read & Share

Written by Julie Quiroz

June 5, 2020

Led by the Movement for Black Lives, #DefundThePolice is a powerful mandate emerging from the nationwide uprisings spawned — this time — by the police murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade. #DefundThePolice tells the truth and demands structural change: No amount of “police reform” will stop the anti-Black racism that has continued to enable police murder of Black people. 

The historic decision by the Los Angeles City Council to cut $150 million from the police budget and reinvest in Black and other communities of color demonstrates the power of this moment. What Grace Lee Boggs called “a revolution in values” is underway where we can choose to divest from systems of white supremacy and invest in Black community wellness, leadership, and alternatives to policing. 

Below we have gathered a sample of the outpouring of articles that appeared in just a ten-day period, echoing the #DefundThePolice mandate in the streets. Please take a moment before reading to sign the MBL petition here: #DefundthePolice petition and to make direct donations to Black community led efforts such as those listed in this article.

#DefundThePolice Articles: May 28-June 7 

June 1 – June 7

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Explains Defund The Police

How To Keep Our Children Safe: A Mother Explains Why We Must Defund Police (6/6)

Cities Ask If It’s Time to Defund the Police and Reimagine Public Safety (6/6)

What Does Defund the Police Mean: Rallying Cry Explained (6/6)

Police Do Not Belong In Our Schools: Students are Demanding an End to Campus Cops (6/5)

I’m a Minneapolis City Council Member: We Must Disband the Police — Here’s What Could Come Next (6/5)

“This is Huge”: Move to Defund Police Gains Support Nationwide (6/4)

Minneapolis City Council Members Consider Disbanding the Police (6/4)

Movement to Defund the Police: Unprecedented Support Across the US (6/4)

Police Unions and Civilian Deaths (6/4)

Defunding The Police Can Achieve ‘Real Accountability And Justice,’ Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Says (6/3)

How Much Do We Need The Police? (6/3)

May 28 – May 31

The Answer to Police Violence Is Not Reform It’s Defunding: Here’s Why (5/31)

Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide (5/31)

No More Money For the Police (5/30)

No More Cop Unions (5/29)

The Pandemic Is the Right Time to Defund the Police (5/28)


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Julie Quiroz

Julie Quiroz lives in Michigan and leads New Moon Collaborations, a fiscally sponsored project of Movement Strategy Center. www.newmooncollab.org

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