Location: Allensworth, CA 
Founding: 2022
Founders/leadership: Denise Kadara, president of Allensworth Progressive Association 

Founded in 1908 and known as the first all-Black town after slavery, Allensworth is a 900-acre community located in Tulare County, California and named after Col. Allen Allensworth, a retired African American army chaplain who dreamt of a self-governed and self-sufficient Black colony. His dream for Black self-determination lives on in Allensworth — a town that refuses to die and is rooted in its history and its land. The future of Allensworth celebrates diversity and resilience and will be a model for rural communities.  

Today, Allensworth is a victim of California’s lack of attention and funding, which resulted in water scarcity and a history of contamination. But community members carry on hope for Allensworth as a place to “settle upon the bare desert and cause it to blossom as a rose.” 

The Allensworth Alliance includes the Allensworth Progressive Association (APA), Friends of Allensworth, Allensworth Community Services District (ACSD), and the Allensworth Community Development Corporation (CDC) — where MSC is a proud partner. The Allensworth CDC acts as the economic arm for the Allensworth Alliance’s ten projects that intersect housing, parks and open space, organic agriculture, and water resiliency. With Senator Steven Bradford’s (D-Gardena) support, the Allensworth Alliance submitted a $50 million fundraising request over the next five years to the California Legislative Black Caucus for the Allensworth Regional Community Investment and Development Plan. 

Planned projects include constructing a new 4,000 square foot civic center, which will provide space for the ACSD, postal service, educational training, community meetings and events, and a community cottage shop; and expanding the TAC Teaching & Innovation Farm for Central Valley BIPOC Farmers. In honor of Col. Allensworth, APA plans to acquire, develop, and establish a land trust of 500 acres for up to 300 housing units with organic farm lots for veterans. Additionally, the Col. Allensworth State Historical Park will be revamped to share the past, present, and future of the local BIPOC’s community in addition to launching a lecture series and special events.