Location: Saginaw, MI
Region: Missouri
Founding: 2021
Founders/leadership: Canika Owen Robinson, project director

The Neighb serves the evolving needs of the Saginaw community. With a strong focus on economically disadvantaged youth and families, The Neighb provides tailored programs and services that promote socio-economic empowerment and enhance quality of life.

The Neighb believes that individuals and families can thrive and achieve their full potential when every community member has access to education, health services, housing, and financial resources. Their initiatives encompass a wide range of areas that bridge gaps and are crucial to community well-being. Education is a key pillar, with dedicated youth tutoring programs and mentoring initiatives to nurture academic success. The Neighb also recognizes the importance of physical and mental well-being, offering health and nutrition services that cater to the community’s specific needs.

In their unwavering commitment to provide support, the Neighb extends a helping hand to those facing challenging circumstances. Strangers, orphans, widows, individuals with mental health disorders, and those with chronic illnesses can find solace in the Neighb’s care and assistance. The Neighb’s focus extends to arts and culture, recognizing the transformative power of creative expression. Through enriching art programs and cultural initiatives, the Neighb fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities for personal growth.

To address immediate needs, the Neighb operates a daily soup kitchen which provides nourishing meals to youths and adults. Additionally, they offer job training programs and financial literacy initiatives, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure sustainable employment and financial stability.

The Neighb’s vision of progress extends to the physical realm as well. Through the Brick By Brick Campaign, the organization invites community members to participate in the renovation of their center. Donors can contribute a personalized brick that will be displayed prominently in the state of the art facility, symbolizing their support for the Neighb’s mission.