Let’s Talk: At the Heart
of Movement Building

Let’s Talk is a space for movement builders to share our favorite insights, funniest moments, worst fears, highest hopes, most embarrassing questions, and warmest wishes. Let’s Talk is for anyone and everyone trying to build the relationships, power, strategy, collaboration, narratives, and new ways of being that can transform our society, economy, and culture.

Let’s Talk welcomes submissions for guest blogs!


Vision Beyond Violence

What if we had a system of community care and safety organized around the values of dignity, wellbeing, safety, restoration and love? What if we thought about the application of care before we thought about the use of force? What…
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Releasing Love With Power: Final Report Offers Movement Stories

Over five years ago Julie Quiroz and I set out to write a follow up to the Movement Strategy Center report Out of the Spiritual Closet, which lifted up the often unspoken role of individual transformative practice in movement building.…
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Our Midnight Call – Finding Unexpected Love With Power

One of the many stories shared in the “Shaping the Story of the Future” MSC Transitions Lab (May 14-17) was told by MSC Transitions Team member and Love With Power co-author Julie Quiroz via video conference.  The following is the…
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Land & Life: From Neighborhood Garden to Global Climate Resilience

Knock. Knock. “Hello, can I help you?” “Yes, my name is Vicente. I’m here door knocking in the neighborhood. We’re trying to get neighbors together to convert that abandoned lot around the corner into a neighborhood garden.” This was me…
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Welcome MSC Co-Director Mimi Ho!

It is with great joy that I join Taj James as Co-Director at Movement Strategy Center, to stand together in purpose and community with our broad movement friends and family, our MSC staff team, Leadership Team, and amazing network of…
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Forward Together Breaks Through with Bold Vision

Last week Strong Families New Mexico hand delivered their Open Letter to the Families of Flint to their own Environment Department in Gallup as a message to Flint and to the world. Reaching across thousands of miles, the original letter…
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OUR Walmart Nurtures Caring Communities for Courageous Action

This is the third story in a series gathered as part of Love With Power: Practicing Transformation for Social Justice, MSC’s celebration of the transformative practices that are infusing movements with vibrancy and innovation. Click here to download the full pdf. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…
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Movement Generation Cultivates Home, Confronts Crisis With Hope      

On a starry night in 2015, Quinton Sankofa sat with new friends in the serenity of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, preparing to return to Oakland the next day. Sankofa was leading Permaculture for the People, an intensive course organized…
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