January 2, 2012
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Lily Hayes-Wong

Photo: Xiomara Castro

Kindness can never be overrated. There is great power in generous acts of kindness, both given and received, and even greater power when energy is exchanged from a centered place of being.

As a Project Coordinator at MSC, Lily develops systems, supports projects, and researches technology to enhance how information is organized, communicated, and documented for future reference, both internally and externally.

Lily has over fifteen years of professional experience as an Affirmative Action and Personnel Manager, Administrative and Finance Associate, and Teaching Artist in the non-profit, research and development, and education fields. She has a special interest in visual communication and curriculum development. She strives for a high level of excellence and precision in her work and brings a caring heart with the people and communities she works with.

A San Francisco native, Lily traces her ancestry to Burma, Malaysia, and China. She thrives working with marginalized, multicultural communities and advocates for fairness and leveraging resources for those with limited access. She currently volunteers with API Family Pride, Sins Invalid, and SF Women Against Rape.

Lily holds a Bachelors Degree in Ethnic Studies from Mills College and a Teaching Credential in Art from San Francisco State University.

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