January 14, 2012
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Julie Quiroz

Photo: Xiomara Castro

I don’t really like uncertainty. I’d much rather know, but then again, not-knowing keeps all the possibilities open. It keeps all the worlds alive.
—Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

Julie Quiroz believes in the liberation of embodying the future, of being the story you create.

As MSC’s Director of Narrative Future Julie works across MSC programs and platforms to co-create a powerful narrative of courageous responsibility and strategic direction. In her 9 years with Movement Strategy Center Julie has served in the MSC leadership team which developed and launched the Transitions Initiative, as well as on the design and facilitation team for MSC Transitions Labs. Julie co-authored MSC reports including Love With Power: Practicing Transformation for Social Justice and ReGeneration: Young People Shaping Environmental Justice, created the MSC blog Let’s Talk, and worked with the movement leaders of the Transitions Community in the weeks after the 2016 election to create the online #LoveWithPower pledge signed by thousands of people seeking ways to take bold action grounded in fierce love and to “breathe, resist, and build” in a time of hate and uncertainty. Julie curates the #LoveWithPower video series, creating space for hard and important conversations such as “Love in a Time of Violence: How Do We Lead With Love When We’re Under Attack?”

Julie is the lead author of Echoing Justice: Communicating Strategies for Community Organizing in the 21st Century (Center for Media Justice, 2014), From the Roots: Building the Power of Communities of Color to Challenge Structural Racism (Akonadi Foundation, 2009), Guide to Grantmaking with a Racial Equity Lens (GrantCraft/Ford Foundation, 2007), Together in Our Differences: Newcomers and Established Residents Rebuilding American Communities (National Immigration Forum/Ford Foundation, 1995), and co-author of Changing the Rules of the Game: Youth Development and Structural Racism (with Daniel Hosang, Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, 2004). Julie has written cover stories for The Nation (Let Freedom Roll: The Immigrant Freedom Rides, 2003), Colorlines (Missing Link: Bridging Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice, 2001), and Public Eye (Beyond Green Jobs, 2010).

Prior to joining the MSC staff, Julie served as a Senior Program Consultant to the Akonadi Foundation and co-principal of mosaic consulting, where she led projects including the launch of the Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative with the San Francisco Foundation. Julie’s leadership experience includes Center for Third World Organizing, Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and National Council of La Raza.

The middle child of an Ecuadorian father and a Kansas mother, Julie learned early how to read and question the subtle and complex narratives of migration, assimilation, race, class, and gender. This exploration led her to a double major in history and philosophy at Albion College and a Master’s Degree in history from Yale University, as well as to creative writing including her most recent published story American Residence. Julie was twice selected as a Voices of Our Nations writer, in fiction and in political content. Julie lives in Michigan with her daughter.

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