January 31, 2016

Jose is an accountant by training who enjoys taking on challenging projects and approaching them as opportunities for problem solving, growth, and team collaboration. As part of the Innovation Center team, he is excited to support the amazing work happening at MSC. He loves being in an environment of deep thinking coupled with action and spontaneous moments of silliness, laughter, and community building.

Jose began his career in business development roles in the power sports industry, focusing on retail, wholesale finance and emerging market research. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in accounting from California State University, San Bernardino, he worked at a firm specializing in nonprofits, which solidified his interest in movement building.

Passionate about social justice, Jose has volunteered at various Bay Area nonprofits, focusing primarily on indigenous issues in Chiapas, Mexico, with an emphasis on issues of displacement, migration, environment, resistance movements, and community resilience. His interest in Chiapas goes back to his teenage years watching the Zapatista movement unfold on television and the relatively new worldwide web. Jose has been a long-time volunteer with an Oakland-based all-volunteer organization that supports the construction of Zapatista health care, education, and economic systems. His other interests include old motorcycles and machinery, gardening, hiking, traveling, print making, mixed media collaging, and aerosol art.

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